29 July 2012

The 21 day itch

It has been 23 days that I have started exercising,with 2 vacation days in between and the 21 days of exercising are over today. It has now become a habit and a wonderful habit that I am extremely pleased with. It has been a mix of  4 mile walks, yoga, breathing, stair climbing, some beach volleyball (read amateur) and basket ball, walking backwards and one day of kickboxing. Some days have been difficult to get up, but a friends call and  the company  at 5.00 a. m helps. Mr B accompanies sometimes.  And since the last few days my body wakes before the call or the alarm - now if that is not a success then what is ?

The trim, fit, slim body is yet to be seen, but I am getting there. I do not have the aches and the pains,feels very energetic and I am fitting into my clothes better. That is a bucket load of peace for me because shopping does not come easily.   

The second  of the next 21 day phase starts tomorrow and I have to find something  novel or find a consistent  volleyball partner since my current exercise partner does not  believe that the beach volley ball will exercise her body enough. On the contrary I enjoy  beach volley ball very much (the lure of the sand)and do not feel like I am exercising at all. To add to it, the address of the  beach volley ball  court  is  scenic: 

Across the River, 
On the hill. 
Beside the giant trees.

My walk to the court is also enjoyable and refreshing - few or no cars on the road, occasional pedestrians, the sight of pretty birds, fresh air, gorgeous river view and when I reach the courts- the feeling of the beach sand beneath my feet. Bliss.
Come find me,
I need a volley ball partner, who will come 7 days a week.

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