28 August 2012

a Spicy Celebration

Our household celebrates left overs.

Boiled chickpeas
Boiled  urad Dal
An egg plant
Some beans
Some String beans
A sweet potato

If you have a pot with a copper base, things speed up . But if you cook the vegetables in a clay pot it adds the extra flavor.

Since time was my master, the copper base pot took over and the vegetables was cooked with some salt. In the meantime -  the garlic, green chillies and curry leaves( the herb mix)  were pounded in a mortar and pestle.. Asafoetida, Cumin and fennel were roasted and powdered to add to the already sizzling herb mix on the stove. The boiled chickpeas - urad dal  and  the cooked vegetables joined the herb mix.

A tablespoon of dry coconut and curd went in. Turmeric went in last. They were stirred thoroughly for the flavors  to mingle.  The aroma announced that it was a joyful dance.

 The pot was removed from heat and allowed to rest . A quiet Sunday brunch was celebrated .

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