23 September 2012


What is the facebook value of the Politicians?
Though in the last few years facebook has become a noun, one can safely say that the face value of the politicians  depends on the words that leave their mouth, because some of the plans are only meant to bring votes.We all know that the now termed Obama health care would have been Clinton health care in 1994, but then it was not as much a vote pulling gimmick because it was gregarious surplus American economic period.
This year the health care has become the trump card and has  given  much thrust and power to the politician in the running and for the party.Political gimmicks continue every season and in  an election year it escalates as the dates draw near. Not that the Political jabbering is nonexistent otherwise,but the tones are not as  intense and loud in an election year and the common man cannot ignore it how hard he tries .

Why is it that we are attracted to Political language
“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and  murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”, said George Orwell.At the conventions the tangible outcomes of the words spoken by the delegates are almost intangible and are up for lengthy discussions,debates, interpretations and misinterpretations in the legacy of the politicians career.

In order to keep the stress down the politician hums the popular tune to himself.

Smile,an everlasting smile
A smile could bring you near to me
Don’t ever let me find you gone,
Cause I need your vote so badly .

The world has not lost its glory
I will build a brand new story
This is my time and I will show
My commitment in t-i-m-e
Just Vote for me ..
Have faith in my words
I have dedicated my life to you and you alone
So I am here waiting to take your call.
Its only words and words I have to make you cast a vote for me
But forget about the words after the election, because it does not mean anything anyway.  

They are only words …. The voices fades away and the crowds strain to hear, but the politician has hurriedly left to make the next deal

22 September 2012

Left overs celebrated again

Picture this .
It is a Friday evening. A 20 minute commute turns into an hour plus long drive. The events of the day at work growl the driver. But she is a poker faced calm chick ! Nothing can spoil her mood not even the," Oh,we do not have anything at home for dinner." 

The fridge was almost empty. Still the remnants of the weeks left overs screamed loudly.

Cooked quinoa
A few beet roots
Some scallions

My favorite pot with a copper base went on the stove. 
A garlic, the scallions and beet roots were hurriedly  sliced.The stove was set to the highest heat possible.
Almost 3 minutes into the heat, the quinoa was added. To add flavor, feta cheese and soy sauce was added and stirred thoroughly along with the other screamers which already had taken its seat in the pot.

The stove was switched of.The finely diced parsley was added and the pot was covered.

In another 10 minutes the food was plated and the cook sat down to eat a scrumptious dinner.

Great start to a good weekend.

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