22 September 2012

Left overs celebrated again

Picture this .
It is a Friday evening. A 20 minute commute turns into an hour plus long drive. The events of the day at work growl the driver. But she is a poker faced calm chick ! Nothing can spoil her mood not even the," Oh,we do not have anything at home for dinner." 

The fridge was almost empty. Still the remnants of the weeks left overs screamed loudly.

Cooked quinoa
A few beet roots
Some scallions

My favorite pot with a copper base went on the stove. 
A garlic, the scallions and beet roots were hurriedly  sliced.The stove was set to the highest heat possible.
Almost 3 minutes into the heat, the quinoa was added. To add flavor, feta cheese and soy sauce was added and stirred thoroughly along with the other screamers which already had taken its seat in the pot.

The stove was switched of.The finely diced parsley was added and the pot was covered.

In another 10 minutes the food was plated and the cook sat down to eat a scrumptious dinner.

Great start to a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Super cool recipe :)

Btw, I have been following your blog all along using feedlr on my iPad. It's not easy to comment when you are reading the feed. You have to go to the site. They have to change that :)

Bhavana (aka pinkdogwood)

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