31 January 2013

Meatless Wonder !

If anybody knows my love for food, would also know my love for  meat. However, I am forced to eat vegan, yes without milk and eggs. My withdrawal symptoms run wild, drooling over food blogs and looking at the plate of cooked meat at the deli counters in the grocery and the malls. But alas, I am captured by the tight reins of the ayurveda regiment and have to stick being vegan, come hell or high water.  I will never be caught in rhetoric or moral discussions and eagerly await the end of 90 days  when I can eat fish once a week. But for now I will work with creating a meatless soup - All Vegetarian.

Millet, Amranath, finely diced roasted garlic, ginger, carrot, celery, black pepper, cilantro, and some left over ragi ( a kind of millet powdered and cooked in water , that can be drank for breakfast) thickened the soup. Hurray ! I feel triumphant !

23 January 2013

it is freezing .. minus 9 F but feels like minus 16 F and this is proof


The water that was left in the car turned to ice


And then you come home to a good lunch

21 January 2013

The tracks are fitted with screws, lest they become loose and cause accidents.

Patty Hewes, "The powerful corrupt the law when they used it as a club to bludgeon the weak ", in the american legal thriller, Damages

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