06 February 2013

Sorry, Has it lost its meaning ?

We are human beings and while doing so much good,we also hurt others. That's because our values and morals can be different. Really ? Forgive me for not buying such a cliche.

Chandelier lights, Champagne and Caviar colors it all.However,double standards on values and morals live abound and  are in plenty in our social groups,clubs and communities,irrespective of any part of  the world we are in - and the determinant factor in the 21st century begins with social class, color, race and gender.

It is acceptable for men to indulge in extra marital affair and be forgiven by their wives, but never easily the other way round.

White collar thieves ruthlessly steal, institutions and companies go belly up,but when a 10 year old steals bread from a street vendor he lands in juvenile courts, while the children of white collar criminals are schooled in it every day unconsciously. They are also termed role models.

Politicians dole out basic rights of housing, transportation on the eve of elections as if it is public charity. So do promotions and rewards in the company.The closer you are to the corner office,the larger the bonus hamper.

Physicians wiggle out of their responsibility to escape malpractise insurance.They want to be badly accepted at the country clubs and will gladly sacrifice a patient on the altar, than be ridiculed for thinking on the edge by the accepted socially hailed physician next door. 

The butcher gives the best cut of the meat to the domestic help who shops for the mayor in the city, because his business gets a boost.

These are just a few examples to highlight the everyday abominals, but we continue to drive through because we want to put food on the table. Discussing about it is taboo and is only permitted in hushed tones, and whispers. And if caught, that will be considered as social gossip, you  will be socially disbarred by the very community you live in or schooled in.

"Sorry" just lost its meaning.

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