16 May 2013

I, Me and the Social Media

Facebook: Nosey am I.

Twitter: Thou can be bitter.

E-Mail: Snail mail a 1000 times faster.

Snail Mail/Post: A note reserved for  special occasions and hand delivered.

Linked in: I like you in my net,on the web. but only people who can give me access to opportunities must get in touch.

You Tube: Watch me, Watch what I send you, Watch what I made for you.

Pinterest: Here's my wishlist. Be nice and  get me a gift!

Flckr: Share what you click. Comment on what they clicked.

Instagram: Me, Mine, Myself. Look, Look.

Foursquare: Be my stalker.

Google+: Track me, trail me, Log me, Hold me captive.

Blog: Digitizes thoughts in black and white, as long or short as I want.I can have their company when they comment without having to invite them for brunch.

Tumblr: Replicating and distributing blog a 1000 times over. Hear, hear, Read, Read. Information overboard.

I have lost count ... 

02 May 2013

Subject : Physicians

We were discussing about pharmaceuticals and the treatment  in modern mediciene with an eminient scientist and he said and I quote , " Physicians are certified clerks . Neurologists more like witchcraft. They do not know what they are doing "

What are your thoughts ?

01 May 2013

What is wining the lottery for you ?

-- This is what it is for me -
1. Being in Perfect health - Having amazing Energy.
2. Having access to Clean water  24/7.
3. Breathing Clean air - No pollutants and toxins.
4. Having Electricity 24/7. 
5. Enjoying clean food - food bereft of pesticides, insecticides, hormones, additives, preservatives.
6. Wishing well for strangers, friends, family and everybody whom I come in touch with.
7. Being helped by a stranger when I am in need.
8. Sharing information and tools that helped me. Sharing what I have with others.
9. Enjoying company - Both near and far.
10. Sharing love and joy, Keeping in touch and spreading good cheer and hope to everyone who think there is none in this world.
11. Looking out for everyone. Freedom of speech and expression.
12. Being Grateful and thankful for being alive and everyday.
13. Enjoying our livelihood.
14. Expecting miracles everyday and preparing for it everyday.

Thank You

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