16 May 2013

I, Me and the Social Media

Facebook: Nosey am I.

Twitter: Thou can be bitter.

E-Mail: Snail mail a 1000 times faster.

Snail Mail/Post: A note reserved for  special occasions and hand delivered.

Linked in: I like you in my net,on the web. but only people who can give me access to opportunities must get in touch.

You Tube: Watch me, Watch what I send you, Watch what I made for you.

Pinterest: Here's my wishlist. Be nice and  get me a gift!

Flckr: Share what you click. Comment on what they clicked.

Instagram: Me, Mine, Myself. Look, Look.

Foursquare: Be my stalker.

Google+: Track me, trail me, Log me, Hold me captive.

Blog: Digitizes thoughts in black and white, as long or short as I want.I can have their company when they comment without having to invite them for brunch.

Tumblr: Replicating and distributing blog a 1000 times over. Hear, hear, Read, Read. Information overboard.

I have lost count ... 

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