20 June 2013

You live by them.

Believe: Spend more time believing in yourself, not in convincing others.

Happiness: Get Lost in Happiness, You must do it often.

Time: Time should not know where you find the time.

Future: There never was a future and never will be. Only the present remains.

Learn: Everybody can teach you, but only you can learn.

God:  Don’t go looking for God.Did you look within?

Nature: if you want to live, sit in the sun.

Create: To build new ones, you make some, and break some and build again. Innovation starts here and it helps build routine.

Rules: You make them, keep them and break again, it cuts the boredom. You follow your rules.

15 June 2013

Only being with yourself

Where everything is green,

Pleateaus, Plains and Hill tops

Waters Blue,

Cool Breeze,

Where quietness is Music,

Time stands still.

Salute silently,

Forever your moment,

Stretch out, With arms wide open,

In Adoration you embrace yourself,

When you are one with Nature.

11 June 2013

Quantum Easing

As a student, I have photocopied many a thing. Yesteryear college notes,copies of book out of print, photocopying the only available copy in the library that had to be  shared with 30 other students - to save time or for the most part, lack of adequate resources to buy one. Studying in India in the mid 90's, one simply could not afford buying books paying in foreign currency equivalent amounts.

Although I admit infringing upon copyrights, it was the only way to survive, given, whose everyday living relied upon being resourceful rather than whining about the lack of resources.

Now, I regret why I never thought of giving Rs.10 note to the xerox wala (the guy at the shop operating the xerox machineand tell him,"Can you please xerox the Rs.10 note also a 1000 times?" Quantum easing is the cool term that is now circulating in the finance market.

08 June 2013

The story of a pioneer.

Vision – You do not need EYES.

Mission – Pursue, Perseverance, Dedication and Time.

Being Bold and Brave,

Courage to be alone, when everyone is looking;

Doing when no one is looking,
For insight,

Believing and Doing;

Only then the world can receive

And Mankind shall live.

- Inspired by a scientist's story.

03 June 2013

Me, WE.

On the shoulders of Invisible People,
My strength lies.
Did I draw yours?
You heareth me from afar.
The vibrations,
The sound,
The waves.
In Human it is being.
Seek and you shall find.
Call and they will hear.
Millions of atoms
It is energy.

In being it is living.
It is Life
We Liveth.

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