11 June 2013

Quantum Easing

As a student, I have photocopied many a thing. Yesteryear college notes,copies of book out of print, photocopying the only available copy in the library that had to be  shared with 30 other students - to save time or for the most part, lack of adequate resources to buy one. Studying in India in the mid 90's, one simply could not afford buying books paying in foreign currency equivalent amounts.

Although I admit infringing upon copyrights, it was the only way to survive, given, whose everyday living relied upon being resourceful rather than whining about the lack of resources.

Now, I regret why I never thought of giving Rs.10 note to the xerox wala (the guy at the shop operating the xerox machineand tell him,"Can you please xerox the Rs.10 note also a 1000 times?" Quantum easing is the cool term that is now circulating in the finance market.

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