10 March 2014

We keep changing, but are we ready to admit it ?

What makes me say that ? Some of the opinions that I had in 2005 or in 2007 or in 2010 does not hold any more.

For instance : Politics in America - I was slightly inclined towards the democrats in some form, though not completely. I thought Obama would be a breather, but then I realized that Obama was put in the white house by both the political parties, Republican and Democrats. 

And  government is neither democrat or republic alone,they support each other and work in tandem, in power or not. Once you enter into the political arena, the only time that one retires is when you want to put your feet up for ever in the sands of the bahamas.

Both the political parties are very much the same, though they may have different opinions in public  and similar opinions in private. Each of us will agree with the democrats on some issues and the republicans on the other. It is not the common people who puts the government to power, it is the corporate empire who decides the government and decide how much power they should have ? OR ?

 Having President Bush in the white house made America pay price in terms of PR with many of the countries in the world, which would mean that there would have been some wrangling of the elbows in terms of trade  which is the crucial part of any business of the country. 

Having a person of a different color in the white house was America's way of buying back the good public image with the rest of the world and this I say because - most developing countries look towards the west for identification/validation  because the rest of the world identifies with the current president in terms of skin color, "barack Obama " is a name that raises  eye brows and questions of many kinds - barack is not a common american or euro centric name, what faith does he follow ? who is his mother and father?  and many others which does not come to my mind now, but which could be apparent for a person of a different culture.  

The globe is filled with small towns and villages and the current president was raised in modest surroundings  in a small town and had a father that was  not even American by birth. All these factors in the current president helped buy back America the image of good will and salvation of safety and security in some form.

Isnt America still hurting in terms of economy ? - which would have happened even if the republicans would have been in power, which goes to show that irrespective of who is in power, it is the corporate empire's decision who should be in power Or Is it the Morgans and the Carnegies and the Rockfellers who decides who is in power or is it the Queen of England who decides  who should be in the american government ? Isnt the Queen the  largest landowner of the world and has a say who would sit on the seemingly democratic throne?

 I am wondering why they do not  put the queen on the Forbes list of 10 richest people ? Is it because She doesnt need attention ? Correct. The queen has the attention.But, what has come to my realization is that it is the undercurrents that are stronger than the hurricane  who holds the decision about who runs the Presidential race in America even before they get elected in the white house irrespective of which party they belong. It is not the people who face the hurricane who decides who should be residing in the white house. Counting of votes can always be rigged.

Thank You

31 August 2013


   Life is about walking on water by being a co-creator.

27 August 2013

Rich and Wealthy is this.

You are free of Diseases.
You enjoy Great Health.
  To Feel the strength of the creator in me.
     To cure oneself

25 August 2013

The Human spirit

She deserves to live.
The Human Spirit
In Animals,the human spirt.
The wandering, wondering.
Claim Your divinity,The Human Spirit.
The image of Evolution. The image of Creation.
Travellers we are,
Call Yourself to hear. To Listen,
Your quest to be Co-Creator.

Waiting at a Bus Station in Bandra, Bombay.

04 July 2013

20 June 2013

You live by them.

Believe: Spend more time believing in yourself, not in convincing others.

Happiness: Get Lost in Happiness, You must do it often.

Time: Time should not know where you find the time.

Future: There never was a future and never will be. Only the present remains.

Learn: Everybody can teach you, but only you can learn.

God:  Don’t go looking for God.Did you look within?

Nature: if you want to live, sit in the sun.

Create: To build new ones, you make some, and break some and build again. Innovation starts here and it helps build routine.

Rules: You make them, keep them and break again, it cuts the boredom. You follow your rules.

15 June 2013

Only being with yourself

Where everything is green,

Pleateaus, Plains and Hill tops

Waters Blue,

Cool Breeze,

Where quietness is Music,

Time stands still.

Salute silently,

Forever your moment,

Stretch out, With arms wide open,

In Adoration you embrace yourself,

When you are one with Nature.

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